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The Port Authority of NY & NJ's Office of Inspector General (OIG) works to keep the Agency corruption-free.


The mission of the OIG is to enhance and defend the integrity of the Port Authority's programs and operations. To accomplish this mission, the OIG detects, receives, and investigates allegations of fraud, corruption, waste, and abuse with respect to employees, or other individuals or organizations doing business with the Port Authority, who attempt to corrupt or unlawfully interfere with Port Authority operations.

The OIG was established as an independent office in August 1992, and furthers its mission through two separate offices: Audit and Investigations.

Michael Nestor, Inspector General

Audit Department

Andrew Levine, Director

The Audit department evaluates and improves the Port Authority's internal controls and risk management. Audit also provides internal auditing services for the Port Authority, including reviews of business processes, systems and operations, and examines records of tenants and contractors doing business with the Port Authority.

Office of Investigations

Steven Pasichow, Director of Investigations

The Office of Investigations looks into criminal and serious administrative misconduct, based on complaints from the public, agency staff, management, or by its own determination. Investigations may lead to criminal prosecutions, civil forfeiture, or other administrative disciplinary actions.

The office reviews the Agency's internal controls and practices for reducing fraud or corruption. It also designs and implements programs to help the Agency maintain a corruption-free environment.

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